June 3, 2023
Formula 1 Season Preview for 2023 Who will win the Bahrain Grand Prix to Start The New Season

Bahrain’s Grand Prix kicks off the 2023 Formula One (F1) season on Sunday. Speculation of a better Mercedes suggests a close race.

This is a sneak peek at the next season and the opening Grand Prix.

Drivers’ Championship favorites

This week’s Bahrain Grand Prix marks the return of Formula 1 and all the high-octane excitement that comes with it. For eight months, motorsports will revolve around the drivers’ quest for supremacy.

The Drivers’ Championship is the pinnacle of Formula One. Any fan will never forget the spectacular 2021 season and its culmination, when Max Verstappen beat Lewis Hamilton for the championship on the race’s penultimate lap. We are in for a thrilling racing season if it has even a fraction of the drama of that fantastic year.

In almost every season, the Drivers’ Championship champion is the driver of the best car, and last season was no exception as Max Verstappen took home the trophy. The defending world champion, who appears to have once again one of the best-assembled and highest-performing cars on the grid, is the 8/13 favorite to win the Drivers’ Championship and the 4/5 favorite to win in Bahrain.

The odds on Charles Leclerc, who finished second in Bahrain last year, are 4 to 1. Leclerc is 4/1 to win the Drivers’ Championship this year and will likely finish second to Max Verstappen again after the Ferrari looked fast in preseason testing.

Lewis Hamilton, one world championship away from setting a new record, is in the running again. Still, he may have trouble with his car that prevents him from reaching his full ability and allows the faster Ferrari and Red Bull to pass him.

In the championship odds, Hamilton is third at 16/1, behind teammate George Russell at 9/1, although he is tied for fourth at 9/1 in Bahrain. We don’t know if Hamilton’s new car will allow him to compete to his full potential, but if it’s even a bit better than last year’s, he’s got a good shot at winning a few Grands Prix this year.

F1 – Constructor’s Championship Favorites

After a dominant 2022 season in which they finished more than 200 points ahead of second-place Ferrari, Red Bull are once again considered heavy favorites to win the Constructors’ Championship.

F1 - Constructor’s Championship Favorites

After a dominant preseason test in which they finished with the best lap of all the cars, Red Bull appear to be ready for another title winning campaign and might become the next dominant force in Formula One if their drivers continue to perform well. Their odds of repeating as Constructors Champions are 8/13.

Ferrari, who finished second last year, will also be delighted with the results of their preseason test, albeit they still appear to be lagging behind Red Bull, who may dominate the grid from the start.

Ferrari is a 3/1 favorite to win the season, but they face a long uphill climb and must eliminate the unexpected malfunctions that plagued them last year if they can catch Red Bull.

Mercedes is the only other team with a chance of winning the Constructor’s Championship and they have odds of 10/3 for motor racing betting. Yet, they will need to make significant strides in consistency and build quality if they have any shot after their performances last season. Yet, given their motivations, you should not rule out the impossible.

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