June 3, 2023

Ani Hovsepyan, who hails from Armenia and competes in the 70-kilogram division of the EUBC Women’s European Boxing Championships, just took home the championship belt for the first time in her career.

She described the steps she took to get her first achievement.

“I can’t really put into words how I feel,” Any replied, beaming with happiness. “I am quite pleased with everything that I have accomplished in the sport of boxing. The time I spent investing, the effort I put in, and the challenges I overcame were all well worth it.

She is aware that getting to the final was not a simple process for her.

“In the semi-final, I was competing against Tamara Radunovic, who was the representative of the home team. There was a significant amount of pressure, and I felt a tremendous amount of responsibility.” The fight against Christina Desmond of Ireland in the finals was by far the most challenging of the whole tournament. According to Hovsepyan, only the most talented competitors make it to the championship round, where they compete for the title they have worked so hard to achieve.

She continued by saying, “This was my most merited victory, because prior to winning this medal I did not have any other international titles.”

Since 2011, Ani has been actively participating in several sporting events. When this occurred, she was 13 years old.

“My route was quite challenging because my family was not able to take me to the capital for training because they did not have the cash.” However, they were able to transcend that stage by the use of financial resources.

This was a critical juncture in her professional life when she lacked the resources necessary to move further. She admitted that it was conceivable for her to cease her training at any time; nonetheless, she did not do so.

Hovsepyan was unable to advance his athletic career due to the fact that he resided in a small village known as Dalarik, which lacked the gyms, coaches, and facilities necessary for such advancement.

“In order to go to and from Yerevan on a weekly basis, I had to travel a total of 150 kilometers.” I worked out in this manner for the better part of a decade. Ani explained that she wouldn’t have the opportunities she does now if it weren’t for her parents.

She said, “For me, boxing is not just a sport; it is a lifestyle that has been lived for 12 years, every day.” And she meant it. “For me, boxing is not just a sport.”

Boxing and other activities associated with it consumed all of her spare time. Floyd Mayweather, who won a bronze medal at the Olympics and is the current professional boxing World Champion, is her favorite boxer and a source of motivation.

Ani stated, “One of my ultimate ambitions is to participate in Paris-2024 and afterwards continue my success in the professional ring.” This was one of Ani’s goals for the future.

When Hovsepyan was asked about the Olympics, she said that she was “surprised” by the fact that the future of boxing “had been brought up to discussion whether to include it in the Olympics or not.”

Ani emphasized, “It ought to absolutely stay as an Olympic event because boxing is a royal sport and I feel that there is no other sport that is superior to this one.” “I believe that there is no other sport that is superior to this one.”

“One of the most important challenges is to follow the referee discipline so that they are free from bias and each athlete is rewarded the battle they won. Additionally, the appeal procedure needs to be restored so that athletes may get justice if the referees do not follow the rules. The conclusion that Hovsepyan came to was that “I think that after finding a solution to these fundamental difficulties, boxing will remain at the Olympics.”

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