June 3, 2023

BULGARIA – Following the conclusion of the new World Boxing Tour Event in Maribor, Slovenia, the boxers from Bulgaria were awarded a total of four gold medals, putting them in first place in the medal standings.

Following the conclusion of the finals, nineteen fighters were able to celebrate winning gold medals and earn points toward the newly implemented IBA World Ranking System.

At Maribor, the gold medals were split among the following countries: Armenia, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Mozambique, Serbia, and Spain. Armenia finished in second place behind Bulgaria, and their competitors brought home nine medals in total, including three championships, from the competition in Slovenia. At the WBT Tour Silver Event, medals were won by competitors from fourteen different countries.

The finals were kicked off with Spain winning two gold medals.

At the Maribor event, Spain had a total of five competitors who made it to the final round; of those five, the first two to compete in the final session both won gold medals. Even though she is just 20 years old, the Spanish player Carmen Gonzalez has already competed at the young and U22 levels of competition.

The Spanish girl competing in the minimumweight (48 kg) division was able to beat out her Hungarian rival Petra Mezei and earn the first gold medal of the World Boxing Tour competition by working really hard until the very end. Martin Molina, her teammate and the defending EUBC European Champion at the men’s flyweight (51 kg), had a tough fight against Ibrahim Boukedim from France, but thanks to his outstanding finish, he was able to defeat his 21-year-old opponent and win the match.

Mozambique came away from Maribor with three titles in the women’s competition.

Mozambique is one of the openings of the year; their young women began their successful campaigns at the African regional championships, and then two of the promising boxers earned historic medals at the IBA Women’s World Boxing Championships. Mozambique is one of the openings of the year.

In addition to their previous successes at the Commonwealth Games and the AFBC African Elite Boxing Championships, Alcinda Panguana and Rady Adosinda Gramane were victorious in Maribor and added another championship to their collection. Helena Bagao, the youngest contestant from Mozambique among the girls, was unable to find the optimal fighting distance against Hajnalka Sipos of Hungary in the first round of their flyweight (52 kilogram) final, but she turned up the heat in the second round. Bagao was given the appropriate coaching during the first break, and her rhythm switch resulted in a rapid RSC victory for the Mozambican boxer in the second round.

Radev and Rosenov are two of the most promising young actors in Bulgaria.

Yasen Radev, a boxer from Bulgaria, won gold medals at the EUBC Youth European Boxing Championships in both 2019 and 2020. Additionally, the talented 20-year-old took first place in his first major elite competition, which took place in Maribor.

Although Radev did not have much experience competing against great fighters like Tamir Galanov of Serbia, who won the bronze medal at the 2017 World Boxing Championships, he appeared to be in top physical condition from the very beginning of the bout. Radev won the bantamweight (54 kg) final with ease and received universal approval from the judges, demonstrating that he has a lot of potential for the upcoming competitions. Maribor produced for him a gold medal at the elite competition by defeating Armenia’s Narek Hovhannisyan. His colleague, the even younger 19-year-old Radoslav Rosenov, won all of his European titles in the junior, youth, and U22 age divisions.

The specialists in Maribor were blown away by Bazeyan and Hovhannisyan.

The annual EUBC European Men’s Elite Boxing Championships were held in Yerevan, Armenia, on home soil. Despite the fact that Armenia’s EUBC European U22 Champion Artur Bazeyan did not win a medal in the competition, his progress ensured that he would win a gold medal in the men’s featherweight division (57kg).

Bazeyan faced a challenging opponent in the final round in Gabriel Escobar of Spain, who ended up winning the European Games, but Bazeyan was able to win the gold medal because his strategy worked well in all three rounds. His partner, Rafayel Hovhannisyan, who is only 21 years old, is a powerful puncher who knocked out Julio Gabriel Albino of Mozambique, who was the AFBC African Champion, in the final of the cruiserweight division (86kg).

The closest finals of the day’s last day of competition were won by Veocic and Hagag.

The Croatian boxer Gabrijel Veocic has been steadily moving up in weight class, and he competed at the most recent World Boxing Championships in Belgrade, where he made it all the way to the quarterfinals. After moving up to the light heavyweight division (80 kilograms), he defeated Gazimagomed Jalidov in a fight that was considered to be one of the greatest of the most recent session.

The Austrians assembled a new squad, and their fighter Ahmed Hagag won a historic gold at the EUBC U22 European Boxing Championships and a great bronze in the EUBC European Men’s Elite Boxing Championships in 2022. Both of these accomplishments came in the same year. After his colleague Malik Dadaev, who is only 19 years old, won the men’s lightweight (60 kg) division, Hagag went on to win the men’s super heavyweight (+92 kg) division by defeating Luka Pratljacic of Croatia in the final.

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