June 3, 2023
Cone offers his thoughts on the ongoing B League debate 1 import vs 2 imports Rise

Coach Tim Cone of Barangay Ginebra is another voice in favor of the PBA’s one-import rule.

An argument is sparked by Tim Cone’s comments on PBA imports

On Thursday, the two-time grand slam coach responded to a tweet from @kilikilishot, who praised the development of the Japan B.League over the past three years. The blogger credited the league’s setup of having two imports, in addition to an Asian reinforcement on each team, for improving the level of competition.

However, Cone stepped in to defend homegrown talent, arguing that imports can reduce roster spots. In the Commissioner’s Cup and the Governors’ Cup, the PBA only allows one import per team.

Cone implied that the presence of the all-Filipino Philippine Cup, widely regarded as the PBA’s most prestigious conference, contributed to the continued superiority of Filipino basketball players over their Japanese counterparts.

That leaves just two regulars in the area. Asking, “What happens to the growth of your homegrown stars?” In a matchup between an all-Filipino professional team and a Japanese professional team, I predict the Filipinos would come out on top. The All-Filipino Conference is the most attended for good reason. “Just my opinion,” Cone wrote on Twitter.

The blogger maintained his position, but now sees Cone’s and the PBA’s point of view.

Tim Cone

That’s the biggest cost, Coach, but wouldn’t it be beneficial for the locals to train alongside a larger number of foreign players? In any case, I hadn’t considered it from the PBA’s perspective before.

In 2020, former Gilas Pilipinas coach Tab Baldwin called the PBA’s single-import conferences a “big mistake,” sparking a debate that has been brewing for years, with Ginebra governor and San Miguel Corp. sports director Alfrancis Chua responding along the lines of what Cone said about depriving spots from local players.


Tim Cone’s comments on the ongoing B.League debate have reignited the conversation on the number of imports allowed in professional basketball leagues. While some argue that having two imports can improve the level of competition, Cone defended the PBA’s one-import rule, citing the importance of developing homegrown talent and maintaining the prestige of the all-Filipino conference. This debate has been ongoing for years, with different coaches and sports directors sharing their opinions.

Ultimately, finding the right balance between allowing foreign talent to come in and develop local players is crucial for the growth and success of professional basketball in any league. If you’re interested in Philippine Cup betting, keeping up with this debate can help you make informed decisions.

Ideally, how many foreign players do you think each PBA team should have?

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