June 3, 2023

Nikhat Zareen of India was victorious at the Women’s World Boxing Championships held in Turkey. With her victory, she became only the fifth Indian woman to ever be declared world champion.

On Thursday, the boxer won the championship in the flyweight division after defeating Jitpong Jutamas of Thailand with a score of 5-0.

An ecstatic Nikhat questioned during the news conference she had to attend following her victory, “Am I trending on Twitter?”

Since Indian Olympic boxer Mary Kom won this competition in 2018, India has not been awarded a gold medal at a championship.

Kom has won the competition a total of six times, making him a six-time winner. Boxers Sarita Devi, Jenny RL, and Lekha KC are among the other Indian women that have won gold medals in their respective sports.

According to Ajay Singh, the president of the Boxing Federation of India, “Winning a medal at the world’s is always a dream, and [that] Nikhat could achieve it so early is really remarkable.” Nikhat won a bronze medal in the women’s flyweight division.

As people from all around the country tweeted their greetings to Nikhat, her name became trending on Twitter. The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, stated that the boxer “made India proud” with his performance.

After her victory, she remarked, “It was always my desire to be a trend on Twitter, and to do something for my nation at the world level is the strongest incentive.”

Nikhat, who is 25 years old, is originally from the city of Nizamabad in the state of Telangana in southern India. She won the junior young world championship earlier in her career.

For the past ten years, her father Mohammad Jameel, who was also active in athletics, has been a huge supporter of her profession.

“We became accustomed to ignoring those who objected to the idea of a Muslim girl participating in athletics while wearing shorts. But once she won the youth championship, many people had a change of heart and stated that she had demonstrated her worth “he told BBC Telugu.

On Thursday, Mr. Jameel stated that as he was watching the bout, he felt “tight yet confident.”

“Because Nikhat had been performing so admirably in the matches that led up to this one, we had no doubt that she would triumph. It’s fantastic news for both the nation and the Indian boxing federation, to say the least “he remarked. “I am appreciative of her unwavering commitment [to the sport].”

Zareen won the bout against Jutamas in the championship with scores of 30-27, 29-28, 30-27, and 29-28. The judges’ scores were as follows:

According to what she said, “My goal was to win by a unanimous decision if at all possible as it might have gone any way in a split decision.” “On the other hand, today’s second round was a split round. In the third round, I had to give it my all, and I’m delighted I was able to come out on top.”

During the press conference held after the match, Zareen stated that the previous two years had been difficult due of the Covid epidemic, which made it difficult to practice.

Zareen did not end up making it to the Olympics in 2021 since she suffered a defeat at the hands of Mary Kom. Since then, she claims that she has been concentrating on getting better at her game.

“I attempted to improve. I focused on improving both my existing skills and the areas in which I was lacking… All of the challenges that I’ve overcome in my professional life have helped me become more resilient “— I quote her.

Zareen will now begin her training for the trials of the Commonwealth Games, in which she will compete in the 50 kilogram (110.2 pound) category.

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