June 3, 2023
ProBox TV acquires the global rights to Lawrence Okolie vs. David Light

ProBox TV Acquires Global Rights to Lawrence Okolie vs. David Light: WBO Cruiserweight Title Fight

Lawrence Okolie and David Light’s WBO cruiserweight title fight this coming weekend will be broadcast internationally. Just earlier today, ProBox TV made the announcement that they would be distributing the show in the USA and 18 other countries.

Cruiserweight champion Okolie was last seen in action on DAZN in February 2022, when he won a unanimous decision over Michal Cieslak in a fight that Bad Left Hook called “undeniably an ugly, sloppy, sometimes dull affair.” Light, who last competed in December, when he won a split decision over Brandon Glanton in a ProBox main event, will fight for a world-level title for the first time.

The addition of an international feed to ProBox’s domestic offerings is now in its second consecutive weekend. On the previous Saturday, they broadcasted Jarrell Miller and Lucas Browne’s heavyweight bout live from Dubai. If this is the beginning of a new trend, I hope it continues. Also, it’s great that fight fans in the United States now have a non-exorbitant PPV choice for Okolie vs. Light.

Final Thoughts

It’s great news for fight fans that ProBox TV has acquired the global rights to Lawrence Okolie vs. David Light’s WBO cruiserweight title fight. This means that viewers in the USA and 18 other countries will be able to watch the fight live.

While Okolie’s previous fight was not received well by critics, there is still plenty of anticipation for this bout, as it will be Light’s first time fighting for a world-level title.

It’s also interesting to note that this is the second weekend in a row that ProBox TV has included an international feed in their lineup. Good news for fans who want to watch more fights from around the world but can’t afford the high PPV prices.

Overall, it’s great to see more options for fight fans to watch their favorite boxers, and hopefully, we will see more opportunities like this in the future. And for those looking to get in on the action themselves, a sports betting guide can be a helpful tool in understanding the odds and making informed decisions.

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