June 3, 2023
Top 3 NBA Player Awards

Two days remain until the NBA’s All-Star break, but tonight’s 10-game schedule is jam-packed with matchups like Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Philadelphia 76ers, New Orleans Pelicans vs. Los Angeles Lakers, and New York Knicks vs. Atlanta Hawks. It will be interesting to see which players will stand out and potentially earn the NBA Player Award.

Donovan Mitchell (Cleveland Cavaliers)

Scored Above 25.5 Points

Tonight in Philadelphia, the Cavs and 76ers, both on winning streaks, will face battle against one another. Cleveland Cavaliers have won eight consecutive NBA games. On Monday night, their most recent contest was a 117-109 victory over the Spurs.

The 76ers have won three consecutive NBA games, most recently defeating the Houston Rockets 123-104. The standings are close between these clubs. At 37-19, the Philadelphia 76ers are in third place. The Cleveland Cavaliers trail by only one NBA game, 38-22. Obviously, this is a crucial match for both teams.

The Choice

Donovan Mitchell has surpassed this mark in three consecutive NBA games, including a 41-point performance against the San Antonio Spurs. Mitchell has been tremendous for the Cleveland Cavaliers this season, and if not for the league’s other outstanding performers, he would be in the MVP discussion.

Looking to bet on tonight’s game? Check out NBA Online Betting Ph for the latest odds and expert analysis on this and other exciting matchups. Tonight, Mitchell will have a favorable matchup, as neither Tyrese Maxey nor James Harden are exceptional defenders. That all adds up to Donovan Mitchell exceeding his point total for another night.

Anthony Davis (Los Angeles Lakers)

Over 11.5 Rebounds

Tonight in Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Lakers and the New Orleans Pelicans will clash. As a result of the transaction that brought Anthony Davis to the Lakers and Brandon Ingram and a number of draft picks to the Pelicans, the destinies of these clubs will be intertwined for some time. The move has unwittingly made these teams rivals, therefore all eyes will be on this NBA game to see whether team can prevail.

On February 4, these two teams met, and the Pelicans were able to snap a 10-NBA game losing run by defeating the Lakers 131-126. Brandon Ingram scored 35 points against his former team, demonstrating that these teams will be competitive due to lingering feelings from the trade.

The Choice

In the past three NBA games, Anthony Davis has dominated the boards. Davis obtained 20 rebounds versus the Portland Trail Blazers, 16 rebounds versus the Golden State Warriors, and 16 rebounds versus the Milwaukee Bucks. Both sides will be eager to put on a display against their former comrades, so we should expect another stellar performance from Davis tonight.

Anthony Davis is one of the best players in the NBA when he is healthy, and he has recently appeared vigorous and robust. His willingness and activity to hit the glass for the Lakers is evidence of this.

With the additions of D’Angelo Russell and Malik Beasley, the Lakers now have additional shooters, necessitating that Anthony Davis finish defensive possessions by grabbing offensive rebounds. Davis has contributed thus far, and I anticipate that he will continue to do so tonight as he cashes this rebounding prop.

NBA Player Award – Trae Young (Atlanta Hawks)

Double-Double / Yes

Tonight, the New York Knicks will travel to Atlanta to face the Atlanta Hawks, continuing a rivalry that began in the playoffs two years ago. The Knicks have won five of their last six NBA games due to their superior basketball play. They will attempt to put some distance between themselves and the Hawks in the standings.

Trae Young - NBA Player Award

Currently, the Knicks sit seventh in the Eastern Conference. The Atlanta Hawks trail the New York Knicks by two and a half games. Two of the three NBA games between these teams have already been won by Atlanta, and a victory against the Knicks would give them the tiebreaker. Tonight, both sides will be aiming for a solid showing.

The Choice

We’ve discussed the double-double prop previously, and finally, online sportsbooks are pricing it right. Despite this, Trae Young demonstrates some value despite the greater juice. Young has recorded a double-double in each of his previous four games.

The majority of these double-double wagers were not even difficult. Young’s offensive prowess is beyond question, therefore we are just banking on his assist total to surpass 10. Young has recorded 16, 12, 17, and 14 assists over his last four contests. His newly discovered devotion to involving his colleagues is evident from these numbers.

Tonight, Trae Young will have another strong game, and we will continue to wager on this double-double until the odds reach minus 190 or higher. This will likely occur shortly given the movement of this line, but we will continue to make this advantage wager if Trae Young records another double-double tonight.

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