June 3, 2023

Isaac Zebra Ssenyange is remembered as one of the most successful captains in the history of the Ugandan national football team, known as the Bombers.

During his boxing career that spanned fifteen years and included only 19 defeats, he amassed 195 victories and led the Bombers to a gold medal in the 2011 All Africa Games. The super heavyweight boxer began his career as a professional in 2012 and has since won a number of significant bouts. Up until the time of his death in 2020, he was the owner of the Zebra Boxing Club in Uganda and was a supporter of the efforts of the regional federation.

Yesterday, his son, Isaac Ssenyange Jr., who is now 18 years old, made his debut in the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham. He displayed great technical ability, which made his team pleased. He began his competitive career in January, when he participated in the Uganda Boxing Champions League. Despite the fact that he was defeated by John Owino in his debut match, he went on to triumph against more experienced opponents and earn a spot in the Commonwealth Games.

At his very first international competition, which took place in May at the Mount Kilimanjaro International Boxing Tournament in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, he was victorious over two of his opponents but was ultimately defeated by a seasoned boxer from the host country.

Isaac Zebra Ssenyange Jr. met Arena Pakela of Lesotho in the first preliminary round of the light middleweight (71 kg) competition. Isaac Zebra Ssenyange Jr. started the fight with a strong probability of victory over his opponent. Ssenyange utilized his height to his advantage against the veteran boxer from Lesotho, and the Ugandan southpaw landed several nice blows, but Pakela won the fight by split decision. Ssenyange’s opponent was from Lesotho. The Ugandan fighter, who is only 18 years old, paid tribute to his late father during his bout and demonstrated a deep dedication to competing in his first big top title.

“My father was a legend in boxing, and he is well-known in Uganda. I am attempting to follow in his footsteps in the sport that he cherished so much,” he said. He was the single most influential person in my life, and his drive served as an inspiration to me. Before dad passed away, he urged me to keep up the hard work that I had been doing and to never give up. We started making preparations for me to be here and compete in these Commonwealth Games several years ago, when we first explored the idea. I’ve recently promoted one of my cousins to the role of manager, and I regularly consult him for guidance on our job.

I just recently moved up to the top age category, and it is completely different from the youth boxing that I did before. The punches are harder, and the other fighters are older and stronger. This year, I participated in three bouts at the Uganda Boxing Champions League. I was victorious in two of those bouts, but I lost the first one.

I am aware that I am only 18 years old; therefore, I must exercise patience, and competing at the Commonwealth Games is just the beginning of my career. Following the conclusion of the Games, I will immediately begin preparing for the subsequent competitions, and I have high hopes that I will be able to make a significant contribution at the All Africa Games in 2023. Isaac Ssenyange Jr., who is 18 years old, made this statement while he was at the venue. “In the future, I would like to compete in IBA-sanctioned and other top tournaments and represent Uganda,” he stated.

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